Association of G/T(rs222859) polymorphism in Exon 1 of YBX2 gene with azoospermia, among Iranian infertile males

Bioinformatics Approach for Pattern of Myelin-Specific Proteins and Related Human Disorders

Calprotectin Pegylation Enhanced Its Physical and Structural Properties

Comparison between the effects of quercetin on seizure threshold in acute and chronic seizure models

Comprehensive Kinetic and Structural Studies of Different Flavonoids Inhibiting Diphenolase Activity of Mushroom Tyrosinase

Computational Design of TrkB Peptide Inhibitors and Their Biological Effects on Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines

Cytogenetic Analysis In Women With Primary And Scondary Amenorrhea In Iran: Retrospective Study On 110 Patients

Cytogenetic Evaluation of Couples With Spontaneous Abortion, Still Birth and Recurrent Miscarriage in Qazvin: Report and Review

Development of Insulin Resistance through Induction of miRNA-135 in C2C12 Cells

Effect of Poly lactic-co-glycolic acid-Ibuprofen on ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 Expression in a Mice Adhesion Model

Emergence of CMY-2- and DHA-1-type AmpC β-lactamases in Enterobacter cloacae isolated from several hospitals of Qazvin and Tehran, Iran

Ethanol Extracts of Achillea millefolium and Hypericum perforatum Low Anti-Toxoplasma Activity

Evaluating 2238 G>A Polymorphism Association in TNF-a Gene with Metabolic Parameters and Nutritional Intakes Among the Iranian NAFLD Patients

Evaluation of the effects of rationally designed anti-TrkB peptides on the proliferation and apoptosis of multiple myeloma cells

Expression Analysis of ARMC3, a Testis-Specific Gene, in Breast Cancer Patients

Feasible Relation between Glutathione Peroxidase and Febrile Seizure

Frequency of Fibronectin Binding Protein A and Panton-Valentine Leukocidin in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Collected From Educational Hospitals in Qazvin, Iran

Functional interaction between orexin-1 and CB1 receptors in the periaqueductal gray matter during antinociception induced by chemical stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus in rats

High prevalence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants in Enterobacter cloacae isolated from hospitals of the Qazvin, Alborz, and Tehran provinces, Iran

Higher Expression Level and Lower Toxicity of Genetically Spliced Rotavirus NSP4 in Comparison to the Full-Length Protein in E. coli

In Vitro Generated Hepatocyte-Like Cells: A Novel Tool in Regenerative Medicine and Drug Discovery

In vitro protoscolicidal effects of various concentrations of Ziziphora tenuior L. extract at different exposure times

Investigation of FIH-1 and SOCS3 expression in KRAS mutant and wild-type patients with colorectal cancer

Modulation of the Expression of the GABAA Receptor β1 and β3 Subunits by Pretreatment with Quercetin in the KA Model of Epilepsy in Mice -The Effect of Quercetin on GABAReceptor Beta Subunits

Preparation and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody Against Truncated Recombinant Nuclear Matrix Protein (NMP22)

Prevalence of Ureaplasma urealyticum in Endocervical Specimens of Female Patients in Qazvin, Iran

Prevention of Adhesion Bands by Ibuprofen-Loaded PLGA Nanofibers

Protective Effect of Quinine on Chemical Kindling and Passive Avoidance Test in Rats

Protoscolicidal and immunomodulatory activity of Ziziphora tenuior extract and its fractions

Review of the Pharmacological Effects of Vitis vinifera (Grape) and its Bioactive Constituents: An Update

Simultaneous Detection of Pathogenic and Saprophyte Leptospira in Human Plasma by Multiplex Taqman Real Time PCR

Structural and Activity Comparison of Native, Apo and Reconstituted Tyrosinase

Synergistic Antiparkinsonian Effect of Flunarizine, Glibenclamide and B Vitamins in a Rate 6-Hydroxydopamine Model; The Role of Malondialdehyde

The Effect of Fluphenazine and Thioridazine on Toxoplasma gondii In Vivo

The Effects of Different Types of Chronic Stress on Morphometric Changes and Apoptosis of Betz Cells in the Internal Pyramidal Layer of the Cerebral Cortex of Rats

The Effects of Kainic Acid-Induced Seizure on Gene Expression of Brain Neurotransmitter Receptors in Mice Using RT2 PCR Array

The effects of quercetin on the gene expression of the GABAA receptor a5 subunit gene in a mouse model of kainic acid-induced Seizure

The Effects of Rutin on the Gene Expression of Dazl, Bcl2, and Caspase3 in Idarubicin-induced Testicular Damages in Mice

The MYCN-HMGA2-CDKN2A pathway in non-small cell lung carcinoma—differences in histological subtypes

The Role of Calcium in the Conformational Changes of the Recombinant S100A8/S100A91

   The Role of Quercetin in Gene Expression of GluR1 Subunit of AMPA Receptors, and NR2A and NR2B Subunits of NMDA Receptors in Kainic Acid Model of Seizure in Mice
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